Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy November!

It's November and Cody is now 5 1/2 months! So here are a few random pictures of him from the last two weeks. I just downloaded pictures we took from Halloween and will get those posted soon! The last two weeks have been fun and busy....Cody's 1st high school football game, fall festival at church, going to a David Crowder concert, a pumpkin farm, Halloween, and a day in Canton with my mom. Today we are enjoying relaxing at home and taking care of some things around the house! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and so the blog needed an appropriate background! I think it's fun to be able to change up the background from time to time....and especially during holidays! I love October, November and December months so much! And its been fun to start traditions with Cody during this fall season! He is at a fun stage and we are enjoying him so much. He is so intrigued by everything his eyes see. It's amazing watching him learn. His newest thing is reaching his arms up when he wants to be picked up or wants to go from one person to another and learning to balance so he can sit up. He does great with the boppy wrapped around him and sitting in the high chair. He's also really starting to teeth....poor guys. So far his painful times are in little spurts here and there and he's still sleeping well. He just likes to rub anything he can across his gums and drools a lot.
Hope you all had a fun Halloween and are now gearing up for Thanksgiving and Christmas! Yay!!


  1. Gosh he is growing so quickly! I can't wait to see him at Thanksgiving!!!-and you and Jason of course. :)

  2. Cute cute background. Thanksgiving is right around the corner :) So is your birthday!! Cute pictures of Cody as usual!!