Friday, July 23, 2010

C is for Cute, Cuddly, Crazy Cody

This is what happens when we spend so much time with teenagers! I had a car full of teenage girls and Cody was loving the attention.....and they loved making him smile and turning his hat to look like a gansta!
Silly attempt at taking a picture of the three of us! Jason was trying to get Cody to smile and this is how it turned out!
Cody sleeps with many paci's! He really only uses them for naps/night time. We keep many in there so he can always find one and so when he throws them out of the crib he has backups! He almost always has one in his mouth and another in his hand while he's sleeping.
We had company for dinner and this sucker was keeping Cody content for a long time! It's a special treat that he doesn't get often so he was really enjoying it!
Cody likes to sing/listen to music in the car and this is him clapping to a song!

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