Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Future Camper

Jason was packing up for a camping trip and Cody was helping! He was so excited to be playing in his daddy's camping gear and loved exploring all his stuff! We have a family vacation to Estes Park in a few weeks and staying in a Condo. However, we are planning Cody's first tent camping experience for summer 2011!


  1. So cute! I have an idea-let's send the men/babies on a camping trip and we can go to a hotel and swim. Sean would say, 'Uh, I'll keep the kids but can WE go to a hotel and y'all go rough it in the woods?"

  2. He is super cute! We are planning a trip to Estes for next summer. I LOVE IT THERE! My grandmother had a summer home there when I was growing up and that is where I spent all my summers...makes me a little nostalgic! I can't wait to see pictures/details from your trip!