Friday, July 16, 2010

The Ranch

Jason was on a trip recently and my mom, Cody and I went to visit my grandparents that their Ranch. I was telling my mom at the end of the weekend that the Ranch used to be a relaxing place to go but not anymore now that I am chasing a toddler! We did have a great visit and got to sit and relax when Cody was alseep. My mom and Cody hanging out on the back porch.
Taking a drive around the Ranch in my Pawpaw's truck.
It didn't take Cody long to discover the insides of Mimi's kitchen cabinets.
Or her kleenex box. :)
Cody begging for attention from Pawpaw.
Didn't take long for him to get a hug!
Sitting on the back porch playing with ice.
The Ranch is a very dusty place and Cody insisted on crawling around. He was covered in dirt and sweat but loved every minute of it!
Cody loves animals and especially this big dog,
Mimi and Mom visiting.
I have been going to the Ranch for most of my life and it's fun to be able to take Cody and let him explore and play there. Soon we'll have to teach him to watch out for rattlesnakes while he's playing outside! Yikes!


  1. The first picture of your mom and Cody is beautiful!

  2. I agree! Love that picture of the two of them!