Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Toddler = Fun!

We are having so much fun with Cody and love to watch him learn new things daily! He isn't walking by himself yet but he can push around anything that will help him walk. I took out the trash the other day and came in to find him pushing the trashcan around the kitchen.
Cody loves to tumble and and is in this position many times a day and laughing at himself.
Sugar-Free Banana Popsicle and watermelon...perfect summertime snack!
Playing in cabinets is hours of fun...especially stacking and un-stacking bowls and cups. He pulls them out of the cabinet one by one and re-stacks them on the tile.
Cody loves watching the yard get mowed...and the garbage truck pick up the trash.
Playing with toilet paper, baby wipes, paper towels or kleenex is always entertaining....and expensive!
Eating the top of an oreo cookie and loving it!
We are having a fun summer and enjoying our little family!


  1. What a little cutie! Tatum is, and has always been obsessed with baby wipes, napkins, toilet paper... she will pull out 500 wipes and walk around saying "keen" "keen" (clean). At least she's trying to be tidy! And I love the shot of Cody looking out the window! I see many, many fingerprinted windows in your future! ;-)

  2. My favorite is the one of him watching out the window sweet! Cody is hilarious. Such a funny little boy!