Friday, October 28, 2011

The Campsite....Our Home for the Week

Our campsite was tucked back into the woods and perfect!  We had two sites side by side.  Randy and Diane had one site and Uncle Bruce, Cody, Jason and I had the other.  Cody had fun running in between the trees and loved the freedom that being outside brought him...complete with dirt! Canyon campground has bathrooms and running water with a lodge area close by for showers, laundry machines, restaurants, shops and a grocery store! So, although we are camping we are not roughing it too much!

 We rented a trailer in Jackson and it was great. The only stipulation I had for taking a 2 year old camping was that he could sleep in his pack and play and that we could somehow keep him out of the feezing temperatures at night. The trailer was perfect. Jason slept at one end and I slept at the other. The place that is intended for a table worked great for Cody's pack and play. We unzipped a couple windows to still be able to sleep cold but Cody was perfectly warm in his fleece jammies and blankets. We all slept great!  There was even two nights where it rained hard and one of those nights was a LOUD thunderstorm and Cody slept right through it. We were pleasantly surprised! We only used the trailer for sleeping, changing diapers and getting dressed but otherwise did all the cooking outdoors.
No food in the trailer = no bears in the trailer!
Unlce Bruce's tent was set up a few yards from our trailer.
Randy and Diane's tent. They have a nice set up complete with cots and a nightstand!
Grandpa and Grandma came prepared and brought this tent to set up so Cody could play under it.  They brought a rug and later we added a tarp.  It also worked great to put our camping chairs under a couple times when it rained while we were eating dinner. 
Randy would get up in the morning and start a campfire and when Cody woke up we would sit and snuggle by the fire while breakfast was cooking!

Just like at home Cody wanted to see what was cooking and be right in on the action at the table.  Grandma was "in charge" of the kitchen...therefore she got to benefit from Cody's help!  I think they both loved working together!
Even Uncle Bruce got to help! Cody ate all his meals on these fun animal plates.
Helping Grandma stir the vegetables!
Grandma and Grandpa brought a little surprise for Cody  for every day we were camping!  He definately caught on and knew where the stash was kept. 
Uncle Bruce enjoying the campfire!
No camping trip is complete without making s'mores! 

A visit from a deer!
A tired but happy little camper!

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