Friday, October 21, 2011

Cody's 1st Day of Preschool

Cody started preschool this year at our church and loves it!  It took him a little bit to figure out the difference between church and school since they are all in the same place.  However, he loves his teachers, Mrs. Carey and Mrs. Shannon and runs right in to his classroom each morning (except the two weeks his molar's were coming in)! He is there from 9am to 2pm and has a full morning consisting of table activites, outside play, music/chapel, snack time, are, centers, circle time, lunch time and rest time.  It's a busy morning!  We are pleased that Cody will lay on his nap mat and sleep.  We enjoy hearing about his day and seeing the craft he brings home!
 He was actually happy and excited to be going to school until he saw the teacher's kids playing on the play ground and I wouldn't let him go play....thus, the sad face. Now he doesn't care when we see them because it knows it will soon be his turn to go outside!
 Cody: Age 2 years 4 months
Since Jason works at the church he gets to enjoy picking Cody up with me! He usually has meetings in the mornings but we look forward to going to get Cody together in the afternoons.

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