Monday, October 17, 2011

Friday's = Trash Pick Up Day = Garbage Trucks!

Cody is still crazy over garbage trucks!   They tend to go in the car with us and sometimes even in his bed with him....until he falls asleep.  He has 6 of them....and loves them all! He loves to watch garbage trucks on youtube and Toy Story 3 is a new favorite once he realized there was a garbage truck in that! He has collected what he calls "trash" from odds and ends around the house and is always filling up his trash cans and emptying them in the garbage trucks.
This is his other favorite garbage truck (a birthday gift from Mary after constantly playing with Ty's), his trash cans and his trash collection!
Friday's are so exciting because the garbage/recycling trucks come down our alley 4 times.  When he hears them coming we run out back and watch them! If we are lucky enough to be in the car and have time we will actually follow the trucks around the neighborhood. The smile it brings to his face is worth every minute! He loves to help get the trash cans ready on Friday mornings. One day he ran back inside and came back out and in all seriousness put his little toy cans next to our big ones! I couldn't resist taking a picture!

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