Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Stevenson Family Road the Mountains!

Our little family of 3 traveled from Dallas, TX to Jackson, WY and spent 2 weeks in the mountains!  Honestly, I didn't know how the 23 hour drive and camping with a 2 year old would go but it was so much fun!  Cody was amazing on the drive and a greay camper!  We took 3 days to reach our final stop at the campsite and I think it really helped to break up the trip for him.  We stayed in 3 different hotels along the way which kept us all rested and not too road weary.  Cody thought it was so fun to be in the hotel room and would jump on the beds and run in circles.  We packed in water proof tubs and it was great for travel and kept us all organized. At each hotel stop we would take what we needed for the night and move everything else to the cab of the truck.  Cody thought it was fun to climb in the back of the truck and help Jason pack and unpack.
Cody also enjoyed riding on the luggage cart all the way from the truck to the room. We did get a few stares at our choice of "luggage" but once we explained our destination was camping in Yellowstone it all made sense.
Almost there...the mountains...our home away from home!
Our first views of the Grand Tetons!
Jackson Hole and Yellowstone are extra special to us because this is where we honeymooned and took our 1st married summer vacation together six months after our wedding!
Sunset in Yellowstone!
Cody took his nap almost every day in the car while we were driving around.  We were amazed that he still kept his 2-3 hour nap routine and woke up happy! He would go back and forth between watching movies and playing games on the iPad to watching movies on the laptop. We was such a great traveler and really enjoyed being in the car.  As much as he had fun at the campsite we realized that his happy place was in his carseat.  We think this is where he was the most secure when surrounded by nothing that was familiar.  It definately made it easy since we were in the car a lot!

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