Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bye Bye Paci

Last Thursday we "broke" Cody's last paci. He has had 3 that he used and slept with and slowly they all "broke" (we cut off the ends). He has gone 4 days so far without a paci and for Cody this is a big accomplishment! He asks for it here and there but is ok when we remind him that they are broken. However, we don't mention it to him because if we tell him he's such a big boy and he doesn't need his paci anymore he says "no I'm not, I'm a baby". We are proud and relieved at how well he has done without it! After all, he has slept with it since his birth.
I love his Woody jammies!  He knows he looks like Woody and is so cute in them!


  1. What a big and handsome boy!! Tell him Sarah is very proud of him :)

  2. Yea!! Good job! We did the same thing with Luke, and he also did not buy into being a big boy. However, after one not so bad day, it was done, and we were relieved!