Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wednesday's with Kaitlyn

We have been so blessed that I can continue to work and Cody is well taken care of at home! And I am thankful for a job where I can work part-time from home and part-time in the office. Cody attends pre-school Tuesdays and Thursdays and loves it so much that I'm already sad for him that he won't get to go during the summer. He wakes up on school days and says "I'm ready for school...time to get dressed!" He then starts naming his teachers and friends he will get to see at school and talking about what he will do. It's so cute to see the joy in his face and his delight for his friends! Every Tuesday night Kaitlyn comes and stays with Cody while we go and lead youth group.  She spends the night and then keeps Cody on Wednesdays while I go to work.  It's a great set-up and Cody adores her. She is so sweet to him.  Kaitlyn is an amazing piano player and Cody loves to dance and get out his other instruments while she plays! She even taught him how to play the harmonica. We have loved watching Cody grow to love Kaitlyn this year and are so thankful for her taking good care of him.  Here's a cute picture she texted me of the 2 of them. Makes my heart happy!

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