Sunday, April 22, 2012

Date with Cody

Jason was out of town and Cody was such a trooper running errands with me late one afternoon.  So, I took him to Cici's Pizza and we had a fun dinner together.  This was the first time I have taken him to a restaurant just the two of us. (Notice his cars in the window sill...he never leaves home without a car in each hand)
He talks so much and is so fun to hang out with. I love watching his little mind work and how he asks us questions all the time.  I love it when he says "why, mommy/daddy, why?" when we answer him.  I love that if we ask him why he starts his answer with "because".  I love that he sees shapes every where we go.  I love that he notices letters and numbers and asks what they spell or what number it is. I love that he will start dancing when he hears music (he has done that since he was in my belly). Although he is beginning to show some frustrating signs of "being 3" he is sweet natured and a fun kid to be around!
Since he refused to look at the camera this was the best I could do to capture our time together!

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