Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter in Seymour

My mom, Cody and I went to visit my grandparents at their ranch for Easter. Jason had to be at church on Sunday so he couldn't go with us this time. My sister and Parker met us there as well. Cody was soooooo excited to see Parker! They had so much fun playing together and we all had fun watching them.

We spent Easter Sunday at my Uncle Carl and Aunt Cathy's house and they have this Mule or "monster truck" according to Cody that they let Lyndon (age 9) drive around. Cody and Parker had so much fun riding around with Lyndon (and an adult) and it was the highlight of the day! And Lyndon was a very safe driver!

The kids hunted Easter eggs and also played with confetti eggs.  Cody had fun throwing the confetti eggs and eating the m&m's out of his Easter eggs.
All 5 of the kids are 2nd cousins!
Kristin brough a blow up jump house filled with balls and the kids had fun jumping in it. 
The first thing Cody and Parker did when they woke up at the Ranch was jump!  It's a whole new concept when I have to keep an eye out for snakes while the kids play outside. My grandparents live in west Texas and it's rattlesnake territory.  I remember my mom always telling us to look for snakes when we were kids but its definately different when its my own kid! I love that they have on their Woody and Batman jammies!
Then we set it up again at  Aunt Cathy's...
Getting tired....
I love that we leave Seymour dirty and tired!  Cody was asleep in the car in less than 2 minutes and my mom and I enjoyed our visit on the 3 hour drive back home!

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