Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bubbie Camp

Parker came to spend the week with my mom and so Cody got to join in on the fun!
Bubbie had something fun planned for them to do everyday. They had fun starting the week off playing with this big ball.  There is a hole for one boy to get inside while being rolled around the yard. So much fun!!
Then they went to Lego Land!
Parker wasn't old enough to drive a car but Cody sure had fun!
Then they visited the aquarium ...
and she bought them each a shark!
 I tagged along one afternoon and we road the carousel. I spun them in the teacup so fast they couldn't move...we were all laughing so hard!
We had dinner with Uncle Clay!
They spent the day at Fossil Rim Park in Glen Rose with Dick and Karen, friends of my moms who volunteer at the park.  The boys called him Cowboy Dick and they got a "personal" tour of the park riding around with them.  Cody still talks about his time with them and how much fun they had!
This is how they got to view and feed the animals!
Petting Zoo!
Cowboy Dick has a horse named Buddy...
...that they got to ride!

The horse gave Cody a kiss on the head.
On the last day I took the boys and my mom kept Karis.  We went to the athletic center and played in the water park. This is one of Cody's favorite places and we were so excited to take Parker!
I'm brave but not brave enough to take two boys learning to swim in the lazy river without their life jackets. We all had more fun this way...despite a little protest. 
Shaved ice!
All 3 grandchildren! Even though Karis never went swimming this summer (because she can't wear sunscreen until 6 months) I had to put her suit on for a picture with the boys.
What a fun week!!  Thank you, Bubbie, for making memories with the boys! The only regret is somehow we don't have a picture of YOU with them!

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