Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pictures off my phone...

Happy Boy who doesn't want to give up his carseat. :) He still meets the requirements but it really is time for the booster seat.  
 Just relaxing
 Clean baby...silly face!
 Breakfast date at Chic-fil-a before meet the teacher for his Pre-K class.
 Cody was armed with water balloons waiting for Jason to get home. This is his new discovery and so much fun to do!
 Karis loves to hold anything she can grasp and get to her mouth.
 Walking to the donut store...Cody's request one morning.
 He was excited about his new minion jammies until I asked for a picture.
 Waiting at the doctor for his 4 year check up. He knew shots were coming and was very brave!
 Cody has a new love for dinosaurs and play doh makes the perfect food to feed them.
 He was sad that he doesn't get to use his napmat at school this year so he likes to lay on it at home.
 Sweet sleeping baby girl

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