Friday, September 13, 2013

YMCA of the Rockies and Estes Park

 In August Cody, Karis and I traveled with Jason to Estes Park, Colorado.  He was leading the high school summer camp and since I was on maternity leave it was an easy decision for us to all join in the fun! Especially because it meant getting away from the Texas heat and into the mountains! There was so much for Cody to do but by far his favorite place to be was the park and he almost always made a friend!
He love this spinning bowl. In fact, when it was time to head back to Texas he requested we go to the park to do this one more time.
 Our students are so sweet to our kids and let Cody play right along with them! He loves the attention they give him and we love the influence they are in his life (and someday, Karis'). Here, they were playing hacky sack and would let him start the ball every time.
After lunch one day the students were standing around talking and made plans to meet up and play baseball.  Cody was with them and came over to where I was and said "mom, I have a baseball game to play in a few minutes". So off we went to join the game.  They let him bat and he actually hit the ball and ran the bases. I was amazed at how well he paid attention and actually "played" the game. He watches everything the students do and when we got home we were shopping and he wanted to buy a bat and ball "just like they have" so we can play in our backyard.
 He would stand next to someone on a base or in the field and help them play their position.
 He helped daddy a lot too!
Karis was a trooper hanging out with us!
 There is a miniature golf course at the camp and we had fun playing one evening! Because Jason was there for work I had a lot of time where it was just me and the kids. We had fun just spending the days outside and finding different fun things to do.
 We took this bus and Jason's truck. Cody got to spend a lot of time riding on the bus while we followed in the truck.  He basically only got in our truck to sleep and was very disappointment when his time on the bus was over.
 We love a good road trip...especially if it takes us to the mountains! We are so blessed to have kids that travel well...they don't really have a choice; we like the adventures. :)

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