Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Great Wolf Lodge

 We took Cody to Great Wolf Lodge for our stay-cation in August.  To say he was excited is an understatement!  He had no idea what Great Wolf Lodge was before we got there.  We had tried to explain it and show him pictures on the website but it didn't do it justice. He loves to stay in hotels and was looking forward to that the most.  When we walked in and this is what he saw as we were checking in he flipped out!! We went to our room to change and he was bouncing off the beds and couldn't get to the waterpark fast enough! He even got to ride in a inner tube with one of us and go down the big water slides! He is already asking when we can go back!
He saw the other kids wearing these wolf ears and wanted some for himself!
At night they have a story time in front of this set and he had fun going to that! 

We had one exhausted boy!
And once again, Karis spent the night with my mom so the 3 of us could do "big boy" adventures! We can't wait till she is old enough to join in the fun!

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