Monday, September 9, 2013

How we stayed cool this summer....

Well, as much as I love my job and the flexibility I have being able to work so much from home....I really enjoyed my 13 weeks of maternity leave and having a care-free summer with my kids! Obviously, since Karis is a baby we spent the summer doing fun things for Cody. Thankfully, Karis has been easy enough to go with the flow and we had a great summer together as a family! We visited my sister and nephew in Austin once, my grandparents in Seymour twice, Jason's parents came for a week and Cody, Karis and I tagged along with Jason for a week in Colorado with the high school students but other than that we stayed home and spent most of our summer doing some kind of water activity daily!
Our favorite place to go is the Athletic Center outside pool.  We went the day is opened in June and the day it closed in September...and many, many days in between! We would either trade off who went with Cody, go the last part of the day and keep Karis in the shade, get a babysitter or my mom to come keep Karis and the 3 of us would go!
Cody's favorite times to go were when we would see friends there...planned or unplanned!
Josh and David are two of his favorite friends!
We have a neighborhood pool just up the street from us and many mornings we would go play in the pool during Karis' morning nap. She has been so good to sleep in her stroller on our outings! Cody loves to ride his bike to the pool and pack the stroller full of his pool toys.
And of course, if we had friends meet us it was way more fun than just with mommy! We spent most of our summer hanging out with the Ball's and loved every minute of our time together!
And Kylie loves baby Karis!
Some of my favorite mornings were spent with just the two of us (and Karis sleeping in the shade) at the neighborhood pool. We would go early enough and no one would be there. And it would make his day when I would let him spray me with the water toy.
Cody has never been afraid of water but didn't really know how to swim. So, he did 3 weeks of swimming lessons.  He practiced all summer and we are so proud at how well he can swim!  Josh took lessons with Cody so that made it extra fun!
There is a sweet lady in our church that teaches swimming lessons in her backyard. He knew the other kids from church and it was a great class.  I enjoyed talking to the moms during the lessons.
And of course...if we didn't go anywhere the backyard could provide water fun too! As he would say..."mom, it's ok if my jammies get wet"! A fun way to start the day!
We had many play dates at the splash park!
Playing at Parker's house in Austin!
And sweet Karis! She spent her summer in the shade sleeping since she can't wear sunscreen yet!  However, she loves bath time! She doesn't look happy in this picture but she is just super relaxed!
What a fun, fun, fun summer we had!! Pre-K starts for Cody in 2 days and he is ready to be back at school! I am thankful for the time I had at home and for the flexibility in Jason's job over the summer and all the family time we got as well as spending lots of time with friends!

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